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Truth Porn Militia

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Pumkin Face

Join Pumkin Face as he gets in your face with Reality and Freedom. He rants, he raves, and all love to hate him. With everyone's Liberty and Freedom on the table at all times, Pumkin Face is determined to help you realize the atrocities that lay before you, and to stand up against them.

The Shows...

Join Pumkin Face and WEJA Radios own Ernie Abbott every Monday morning at 8am CST for Teacher And The Creature. Get your brain functioning and stimulate the rest of your week as the duo tackle some important issues around our country and the world. Brought to you in a fun and entertaining way. Once you listen, your mornings will never be the same without them.

Every Friday Pumkin Face comes at you with First Amendment Friday! Anything and everything goes as Pumkin Face and guests exercise their First Amendment rights. The show starts out by taking a look, or a listen, to all the great expressions of the First Amendment in the preceding week. At the halfway mark, Pumkin Face turns things up and introduces Fuck You Friday in honor of the First Amendment.
Do guns make you randy baby? If so then you are in luck! Pumkin Face brings you Second Amendment Saturday every week! All guns, nothing but guns, all the time. Join as discussions on guns and gun laws are explored. Headlines and news, bills and laws and those who defend and who are against the Second Amendment are discussed. And don't forget to tune in for the favorite segment GUNS SAVE LIVES, stories of those who are still here today because they were armed to defend themselves are shared

There is not enough time in the week to discuss all of those things that are endangering your Constitutional rights. Sunday School For Patriots brings to light the other problems faced that are not discussed on Friday or Saturday. As always important news is gone over not just for America but for the whole world, and how the actions of our leaders effects everyone! Be a Patriot and stand up for your rights, the rights for your children and the rights for all humanity around the world.

Want to hear new music? Want the have the opportunity to have your vote count? The Late Night Blood Bath is for your, unsigned and unheard of bands are played. The listener gets to vote to either keep playing or blow it away. And Pumkin Face does not disappoint, when he blows it away, there is nothing left.

This world is full of dangers at every turn. Lucky for you, Pumkin Face is willing to take those dangers on. Anything can happen, in the Zone of Danger.

Uncle Ghoulie

Broadcasting from deep within the bowels of the ruins of Detroit.

Due to heavy monitoring by certain agencies, Uncle Ghoulie broadcasts from unknown locations and unknown times.


Known as the Professor of Propaganda.

Uncle Ghoulie streams the soundtrack of the Revolution.

The truth, with a funky beat and a rock and roll attitude.
This just in! Uncle Ghoulie's Special Report brings to you, all of those things that you NEED to know. Don't Miss it.

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